Data Release Policy

Genome assembly and annotation data of the 10 Vigna wild species listed in below are made available before scientific publication according to the Ft. Lauderdale Accord. By accessing these data, you agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of genes or genomic data on a whole genome or chromosome scale prior to publication by principal investigators of a comprehensive genome analysis without the consent of the principal investigators listed in Contacts below ("Reserved Analyses"). "Reserved analyses" include the identification of complete (whole genome) sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, GC content, or any other genome feature, and whole-genome- or chromosome- scale comparisons with other species. The embargo on publication of Reserved Analyses by researchers other than the principal investigators is expected to extend until the publication of the results of the principal investigators is accepted. These data may be freely downloaded and used by all who respect the restrictions in the previous sentences. The assembly and sequence data should not be redistributed or repackaged without permission from the principle investigators.

We prefer that potential users of these data contact the individuals listed under Contacts with their plans to ensure that proposed usage of the data is not considered Reserved Analyses.

Data list

Species name Genome assembly Genome annotation
Vigna exilis Vexilis_v1 Vexilix_v1.a1
Vigna indica Vindica_v1 Vindica_v1.a1
Vigna marina Vmarina_v1 Vmarina_v1.a1
Vigna minima Vminima_v1 Vminima_v1.a1
Vigna mungo Vmungo_v1 Vmungo_v1.a1
Vigna nakashimae JP212346 Vnakashimae_JP212346_v1 Vnakashimae_JP212346_v1.a1
Vigna nakashimae JP247291 Vnakashimae_JP247291_v1 Vnakashimae_JP247291_v1.a1
Vigna riukiuensis Vriukiuensis_v1 Vriukiuensis_v1.a1
Vigna stipulacea Vstipulacea_v1 Vstipulacea_v1.a1
Vigna stipulacea Vstipulacea_v2 Vstipulacea_v2.a1
Vigna trilobata Vtrilobata_v1 Vtrilobata_v1.a1
Vigna vexillata Vvexillata_v1 Vvexillata_v1.a1
NI1135 NI1135_v1 NI1135_v1.a1


Principal Investigators:
Ken Naito
Hiroaki Sakai
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)