Annotation data on Vangularis_v1 (Vangularis_v1.a1)

Genome sequences

  • Genome sequence (Vangularis_v1) [Release note]
    Genome assembly (11 chromosomes + 2250 scaffolds)*    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 161MB)
  •   (*) Sequences are masked by Censor with MIPS and custom-made library constructed using RepeatModeler. The masked regions are replaced by lowercase letters.

Gene set

  • Gene structure and function information in GFF format.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 9.2MB) [replaced on Feb. 8, 2016]
  • Transcript sequences (CDS + UTRs) in FASTA format.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 18.6MB)
  • CDS sequences in FASTA format.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 11.3MB)
  • Protein sequences (translated CDSs) in FASTA format.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 7.3MB)


  • Table of the expression level (FPKM) of the annotated genes.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 0.9MB)
  • Table of the Gene Ontology (GO) terms and assigned genes.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 0.2MB)